ICTP Science Dissemination Unit

Our mission

The Science Dissemination Unit of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, has been created with the broad aim of disseminating scientific contents to more people than are able to visit the ICTP, and to the public in general throughout the world, implementing and using new open technologies.

Among other things, the unit aims to:
  • make available scientific contents produced at the Center by on-line means, for example ICTP Diploma Course On-line at www.ictp.tv

SDU at a Glance

The SDU is a concrete example of helping to bridge the knowledge divide in developing countries and across the North-South, in terms of applying cost effective open technologies for the dissemination, support and internalization of science.

The SDU addresses these main issues of great concern in the scientific community:

The SDU also addresses hardware and software limitations, and the skill shortfalls of staff in universities, research centers, scientific academies and ministries of science and technology throughout the developing world by providing grants for the low-cost production of scientific contents by institutions and scholars. Workshops and training on tools for science dissemination are carried out every year. Technologies available in a FabLab for rapid digital prototyping in science, education and sustainable development are also of interest for the SDU to develop tools to disseminate science world-wide.