e-Publishing at ICTP

the Science Dissemination Unit collaborates with several ICTP offices to address one of the main issues of great concern in the scientific community, namely, the dissemination of scientific data and information. This is necessary for the advancement of research and education in order to provide contents that contribute to the benefit and well-being of society and to promote international scientific and technological activities.

In particular, SDU collaborates with

ICTP Marie Curie Library
for the eJDS: Free electronic Journals Delivery Service

The eJDS in its beginning (Jan 2002) was initially powered by www4mail, an earlier, open source application developed at ICTP in 1998 to deliver Web contents via e-mail.

APhysRev: ICTP African Review of Physics

The African Review of Physics is a free, open access, on-line, peer reviewed, international journal that publishes reviews, research articles, and brief communications in all branches of experimental and theoretical physics with an emphasis on originality and relevance to the basic understanding of contemporary physics and related interdisciplinary fields. In addition, the African Review of Physics publishes timely Special Issues dedicated to a rapidly developing field of physics and proceedings of conferences held in Africa.

The African Review of Physics