A premier open book on Mobile Science (m-Science)

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A premier open book on "m-Science".

Trieste, Italy (Dec 2010)-- The Science Dissemination Unit (SDU) of the Abdus Salam International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP) is pleased to announce the release of its premier open book on "m-Science: Sensing, Computing and Dissemination". The book is released under a Creative Commons license and has been written by experts in an effort to engage the scientific community, engineers and scholars worldwide in the design, development and deployment of the newest mobile applications. The goal is to create awareness on the huge possibilities of Mobile Science (or "m-Science" in short), as well as to motivate a new generation of learners, scholars and scientists to participate in the challenges of the rapidly developing new field of m-Science.

As the examples in this open book demonstrate, people are using mobile technology in powerful new ways to carry out scientific research, to share results and to disseminate knowledge in affordable ways. This includes data gathering, analysis and process of data, and access to on-line services and applications directed to nurture scientists and scholars using mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, etc.

The book gives a balanced mix of technical detail, general overview, societal impact and a sense of the possible. It underlies all the creative ways that people are finding to use mobile devices for doing m-Science. The book also aims to give concrete, hands on, practical information about how to actually get started with mobile science yourself: ranging from spectroscopy, sensing and supercomputing to programming and education. It also gives interesting background and statistics.

The 267 pages long book can be read on-line via: Scribd, or be freely downloaded from this page. We invite you to share this information with your colleagues, friends and students.

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